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Claim health and wellness naturally

Isn't time you fix that "thing," you complain about on the daily? Either it be trouble sleeping, anxiety, stomach issues, or even congnitive issues, Zilis CBD and CBG has the products for you.

What is Zilis?

What Zilis is NOT

- Water soluable *absorbs 


- 100% natural/vegan 

- THC free

- Supports endocannabinoid 


-Not pyschoactive 

-Not another CBD that let's you down. *Zilis can be used as a side effect free pain killer for chronic issues!*

- CBD is NOT a miracle drug for ANY chronic illness. Zilis is for pain management, not to cure since a lot of chronic conditions can't be cured.  

Why do I use  Zilis?

- CBD + natural supplements that are designed to work

Ever since I was 15, I have had IBS, a nervous system disorder that affects the gut. IBS is a spectrum disorder and in my case, pain has been apart of my daily life. Luckily, as I have learned to cope with it, natural products seem to work the best for my problematic tummy. Listen, I have tried CBD brands. Some have worked but it took HOURS for them to kick in. Not ideal! 

I tried Zilis two months ago, and at first I was hesitant. Just another CBD brand that sorta works.... I was wrong! The first day taking it, I had less stabbing pain in my colon and my nausea was almost nonexistent! I thought it was the ultra famous placebo effect. But I tried it for two months consistently during high pain flares, and my body is thanking me!

Zilis is the Tesla of CBD to treat gastrointestinal issues!

Preview some products before you shop!

I KNOW what REAL PAIN feels like...

I am an ambassador for Zilis, because IBS has made me feel like a prisoner to my body. Pain killers have made the pain go away but the side effects were terrible. I never found total relief until i found Zilis! Pain management should be easy so you can live your life to the fullest. Take back your life!

The best tool for any digestive flare

Got anxiety? Try a natural sleep aid with no morning side effects

Also comes in lemon flavor!

Contains caffeine and acts as a great pre workout